Day 114

After having yesterday off and feeling quite overwhelmed and emotional today it was not very easy to walk in and see Ellie not looking very well. She was retaining fluid, which brought back memories of when she was very sick and bloated and she just didn’t look well, defiantly not the baby of last weekend. I was told the fluid retention is due to an insufficient amount of protein in her diet which they started adding to her milk today. They also gave her diuretics while I was there this morning and when I rang this evening they had supposedly made a large difference. She was breathing a little easier and looking more comfortable, wasn’t as sleepy and was a better colour. She is also working very hard at building her blood count back up. Ideally it should be above 100, hers is currently in the 90s – doesn’t seem like much but makes a difference to Ellie.

All of this didn’t stop Hannah from face palming her and generally pushing her around. Considering it is normally Ellie pushing Hannah of the pillow it was a unique opportunity taken with gusto.

As always with Ellie we just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings us. Hopefully a little Ellie spunk and (good) trouble for the nurse and doctors looking after her!



13618031_10153834984846298_700048759_n (1)

You OK little sis?


13643754_10153835061616298_1809349336_n (1)

Ha, this will make you feel better!


2 thoughts on “Day 114

  1. Good to see Hannah is listening to us urging her to transmit positive “twin vibes” to her sister – even if she is doing it via poking Ellie in the face!
    Understandable, Deb, that you were feeling “overwhelmed and emotional” – the rest of us are in awe of how you’ve pushed on through so many challenges – one big emotional rollercoaster. Hope that day 115 sees Ellie cruising on a nice, even plane – love to all xo


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