Day 117

So after driving to the hospital constantly looking in the rear view mirror for Hannah, who was at home with Dad. I got to the hospital and was chatting to a friend while washing my hands, when I glanced up the hallway and noticed Ellie’s bed was empty. I didn’t completely panic they are very good at ringing if something is going on. Needless to say I ruined the nurses surprise – Ellie was being put into a bed girl cot, for the 2nd time!


Oops, the only photo I took today and it is blurry.

So anyway Ellie and I had a beautiful day together. She was very happy and looking very healthy. It was really nice spending time with her (as opposed to the many stressful days we have had). It was different to because she was the only one I had to focus on. I was actually quite bored at one stage – I’m so use to having at least one if not two awake babies in my arms. Ellie was breathing a little better today and she was happy to be hugged (I suspect not having to share her Mum played a part in that).

Ellie has been having weekly eye tests since her surgery 5 weeks ago and today we got the first positive result (other than it hasn’t gotten worse). The consultant who did her laser surgery checked her today (rumour has it that he was a 27 weeker and that his twin brother is an orthopedic surgeon – no pressure girls), anyway he checked her and the problem has cleared, all he could see were the scars from the laser, these scars will effect only her most peripheral vision – go Ellie!

The only real issue with Ellie was that overnight her cannula either occluded or tissued and she needed a new one – this took two doctors and 4 attempts, poor thing.

At the moment we are just back to Ellie’s baseline problem, her breathing. She is working hard at improving this and the doctors are trying a few things to push her along. Our nearly 4 month old baby is starting to get cranky she isn’t allowed to have bottles, so our next aim for Ellie is high flow and bottles. And no more infections!



6 thoughts on “Day 117

  1. It’s so nice to hear you’ve had a beautiful day with Ellie. And good news on her vision too. I bet you really enjoyed your hugs today and maybe even appreciated being bored for a few moments. 😉 Love Jen. xx


  2. Ellie’s eye surgeon was a 27 weeker whose twin is an orthopedic surgeon?? Priceless!! Great to hear the surgery has been a success.
    Ellie looks lost in her big girl bed – a good kind of lost – thrilled she’s back in it again – next bed is a cot at Princes Highway, Waterfall with your wonderful family, Miss Ellie.
    We all (as Ellie’s cheer squad) need to start a mantra “high flow, bottles, high flow, bottles, high flow, bottles…” Your wish, Deb, is our command! xo


  3. So glad you’ve had a lovely day with the Little Warrior! We are still cheering you on, and hoping you’re on the homeward stretch now!


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