Day 118

So Ellie’s steroids are working, yay! The pressure on her CPAP was reduced and by this afternoon she wasn’t requiring any oxygen. Go Ellie! I had a few comments from nurses today, or more heads shakes and wows – mostly the ones that looked after her a few weeks ago when she was really sick.

Ellie’s development of clutching her fists and swinging her arms around is progressing very well – so well she ripped her cannula out last night as they were trying to tape it down more securely. Her new cannula and little arm is now covered in brown tape from fingers to elbow. They are hoping this one lasts til tomorrow evening because that is when she is due her last dose of antibiotics!

I got to have two very nice cuddle sessions today. One the girls didn’t want a bar of each other and then next trying to get as close as possible, but being defeated by Ellie’s snorkel.



Hopefully all that tape stops her pulling another cannula out.


I just want Mummy to myself. But I will still play footsies with my sister.


We got new big girl dummies. We already like to share.


8 thoughts on “Day 118

  1. Ditto on the yaaaaaaay!!! Your smile says it all in that delightful photo with both girls. Am starting to run out of adjectives for Ellie, with her ability to stun everyone with her sheer tenacity.
    Love the photo with the dummies – Hannah looks like she is sizing Ellie up: “I wonder if she’ll notice if I quickly swipe that dummy – I so prefer purple to pink”
    BTW Ellie, I know I keep praising you for your feistiness, but enough already with ripping cannulas out, young lady – pretty soon they’ll tape you from top to toe – a little patience is sometimes a better way to go… It fools all those grown ups into a false sense of security! (Then you can pull it out when they’re not looking) xo

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