Day 119 -17 weeks

Well is anyone surprised to hear me say Ellie needed a new cannula last night? The registrars tried to put it in, however Ellie demands only the best – so the amazing fellow had to be woken up and come into the hospital just to put Ellie’s cannula in. I didn’t ask how many attempts were made and nobody told me, other than it took quite a while and she was very tired after it. After all of that is was removed this evening because her 4 weeks (post her coming back clear of infection) is up, no more antibiotics! Also Ellie’s minute amount of morphine has been reduced and they will continue to do this very slowly. Ellie’s breathing is going well again today – she is working hard at times and getting a little tired, however we have been told that Ellie will always have to work harder to breath and that this will make her a very tired little kid.

Hannah and the boys came in for a quick visit with Ellie this morning before we all (minus Ellie of course, the boys did as her nurse if she could come or even if the whole ward could come with us – she said no) embarked on Nate’s holiday request (seeing the Sydney Opera house) and what a day it was for it. At one point we lost a beanie in the water and the pram (without Hannah in it) nearly followed after we encountered incredibly strong winds, Levi was even struggling to walk against it. Despite the wind we had a great day, travelling on two buses and one train (Hannah’s first time on both) and getting to explore (mostly the outside) of the Sydney Opera House. We made a quick stop into the hospital again to see Ellie in a bouncer, originally enjoying something other than a bed and later having a nap. We topped this special day off with a ‘holiday’ in Kensington (Matt is back at the hospital now enjoying some Ellie hugs).

When we arrived at our beautiful accommodation (generously supplied by the 40-50 Catholic OLSH sisters who live upstairs) and were greeted with dinner on the table, dessert in the fridge and the heaters on, what a blessing!





Bus ride on the way back to Randwick.


The boys bouncing their littlest sister – before we could stop them. She did look much more comfy in real life.

13694193_10153686015430808_892135966_o (1)

Dinner time!


Ellie and Daddy hug tonight.


9 thoughts on “Day 119 -17 weeks

  1. What a wonderful and special day for you all! I think you did very well to survive the wind. What a blessing to come back to a prepared meal!


  2. Glad (almost all of ) the family got to enjoy a day out together – but did you have to pick the coldest, windiest day this winter?? Nice that the nuns took such good care of you all at the end of the day.
    Ellie graduating to a big girl bed and now a bouncer – lovely!
    I’m with Danielle on the Super Mum descriptor – what a huge day!!
    P.S. you have to feel sorry for the doctor who had to leave a nice warm bed on such a freezing night to come back to work because of Miss Ellie’s determination to rid herself of cannulas – she wasn’t to know it was only going to be there for one more day….


  3. So lovely to see you out and about as a family enjoying the cold weather. Hoping Ellie can join you very soon.
    Please let me know if you’re in need of a bouncer at home. We have this exact one. Liam has grown out of it and would be more than happy to lend it to the girls. Just send me a message on FB if you’re interested and I can organise to drop it to you xxx


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