Day 120

So a little update, slight miscommunication, Ellie was one day short on her antibiotics – her cannula had stopped working again after her dose of antibiotics yesterday evening. The fellow and consultant looked very happy when they announced it’s done, one day won’t matter. No more lines!

So we finished off our little family holiday with one more Ellie visit. I arrived before the boys to find Ellie once again in the bouncer with the lovely nurses phone under it playing Johnny Farnham – I’m told yesterday evening she really enjoyed Cyndi Lauper. We are thinking we may have to provide some music for Ellie.

The bouncer is no longer just for something different for our big 4 week old to do, it also distracts her slightly now that she is on 3 hourly feeds (it has been 2 hourly). Unfortunately we forgot to tell Ellie that she is actually getting more milk each feed now – about 15-20min before she is due she likes to cry at anyone who walks past and those that don’t, to remind them to feed her.

So Ellie has been on steroids so that they can really challenge her breathing and see what she is capable of. So today……. they started her on high flow as a trial!! When they were swapping her over from CPAP to high flow she had no breathing support for a few minutes and actually did quite well (until she needed a little help, but heaps better than this time last week). She has been on high flow for about 10hrs so far and is looking good, she had been in air on CPAP and has gone up to about 23% oxygen (air is 21.7%), but we are so excited, just hoping she doesn’t start getting tired. If she is still comfortable in a day or so she will be allowed to have bottles!



Family time


Hey Sis



Easier to snuggle with no snorkel


“Haha I can suck on your head now.” Hannah


6 thoughts on “Day 120

  1. Funny thing – I always thought of Cyndi Lauper as quirky, sensitive and yet somehow, feisty (there’s that word again) – let me guess, Ellie was bouncing along to “True Colours”…
    The “easier to snuggle” photo is just perfect – Ellie looks like she is in a state of pure bliss and Hannah looks like she’s leaning in, transmitting a whole lotta peace and love to her much-missed sister.
    Hey, i just recognised H’s outfit as one of the suits I bought the girls – didn’t think they’d fit for quite a bit longer yet -go Hannah! xo


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