Day 121 – Ellie’s 1st real bottle

Stroppy little Ellie has so far convinced her nurse to give her two 30ml bottles (of her 50ml feed). She had a little trouble with coordination for the first 2 minute and then steamed along. She is restricted by her tiredness – sucking a bottle is hard work.

They are not sure why she is stroppy today. possibilities are she wants bottles all the time like a regular 4 week old, she is bored (we are working on this), she is unimpressed her morphine was stopped or it’s the steroids. Despite this she is doing very well and the doctors and nurses are very happy with her progress (just not her attitude, haha).

Quick blog tonight, Hannah actually slept in her own bed between 7-10pm so I did other things (my nails). Photos will come tomorrow, they are pretty cute!




4 thoughts on “Day 121 – Ellie’s 1st real bottle

  1. Maybe she’s just being a grumpy baby, they do that every now and again 😉 So glad to hear she is doing so well! And Hannah! What a clever baby!


  2. That’s so great that you got to do your nails – not being facetious saying that, either. Hannah, Nate, Levi – keep giving Mummy those little chunks of time to herself.
    Big pat on the back to Ellie for her first bottle – well done, baby girl! Think she miiiiight just be entitled to the odd bit of grumpiness… xo


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