Day 122

Well no time to myself tonight! Levi’s 1st night with no dummies and Hannah is wide awake.

Ellie managed to bottle her whole 50ml feed this morning, She is still a little unsettled but on the right track.

She has however overheard that she is doing alright and despite the surgeons and anesthetists not being big Ellie fans she really missed them, so she has gone and got herself what I like to call a ‘boy’ hernia. It will need to be repaired before she comes home. There are a few anesthetists that will use a spinal block instead of a general anesthetic,   due to her breathing history they will make sure one of them is available.

And as promised yesterdays photos.



My first real bottle.


My great brothers made me a mobile.



2 thoughts on “Day 122

  1. Has she got the hots for one of the fellows? Sounds like you’ve had a busy day all round and it’s not finished yet! Thinking of you all. Chatted with Albert today. He sends love and is still praying for the girls and all of you too. Love Jen. xx

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  2. That’ll teach you to do your nails! Levi’s first night without a dummy? Hannah wide awake? Come on kids, I just asked you yesterday to keep giving Mummy little chunks of time to herself!
    Ellie’s hernia anything to do with the “grumpiness”? Or just another thing in the long list that entitles her to “not happy, Jan”?
    Love the photos – so great to see her sucking on a bottle and she certainly looks like she’s fascinated by the boys’ creative efforts.
    PS Try for the toenails tomorrow night, huh?


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