Day 123 – 4 months old (yesterday)

I was actually looking forward to the girls 4 month birthday and then I missed it, oops. As long as I remember there year birthdays I think they will be happy (pretend this didn’t happen when you are reading this later girls).

So today Ellie went down on her high flow support slightly, it is also her last day of steroids – which will hopefully mean she calms down a bit.

Hannah had another boy day today, which meant I got to give Ellie a bottle for the first time (nurses have been doing it previous to this). She is great at it!!



Feeding time.



Perspective, my 600ml water bottle.


My cutey sleeping.


9 thoughts on “Day 123 – 4 months old (yesterday)

  1. Beautiful photos, as they always are 🙂
    Easy to forget the month anniversaries when there’s so many other milestones the girls are smashing through! I remember for the first year getting such funny looks from people when they’d ask how old Sam was…I’d stand there mute, thinking “OK so actual is, wait, what’s the corrected? Can I be bothered explaining the story today? If yes, say actual, if not, just say corrected… OK, so what am I going to say?”… Meanwhile I’m sure they were thinking “How does she not know how old her child is?” Haha! X

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    • Great photos of Ellie. she looks like she is enjoying her bottle. also a good shot of your nails. Hope your children give you another 3 hour slot of time to yourself soon.

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    • Matt and I have had this conversation a lot! I get a lot of congratulations on your newborn from people. One lady said she actually looks older in the face and we said Hannah was premmie and she came back with, o yes you can tell by her head shape! Hmmmmm, not super happy about that one. It does surprise people when Hannah starts following things/people with her eyes.


  2. The beautiful photos everyone has been waiting to see – Mummy holding baby Ellie, giving her a bottle – one of those very “normal/ordinary” mother/baby moments that we appreciate has been so incredibly hard fought for.
    As for the dumb things people say (Hannah’s head shape is absolutely perfect!) – maybe the thing to remember is not how old they are in real weeks/corrected weeks, but that, miraculously, they are HERE!!!! That fact has continued to amaze me over the past 4 months and probably always will.
    Happy 4 month birthday, Miss H and Miss E xo

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