Day 124

Monday means Daddy day at the hospital and this time I brought Hannah along with me to see her sister (she missed out yesterday). It wasn’t a great start, I arrived late which meant I had to get Hannah’s bottle ready and feed her during doctors rounds. Straight after the rounds Ellie fell asleep and her nurse wen’t on a break….then the girls seized the opportunity to test out their dad.

Ellie became unsettled and started pulling out her high flow prongs, which I continually tried to put back in with one hand while burping Hannah with the other hand. Ellie got more and more agitated and just as I tried to give her a dummy and a pat Hannah decided it was a good time to throw up all her milk that she had just drunk….over me and the floor (thankfully not over Ellie). In a few short minutes I had both girls screaming while trying to clean up the spilt milk in isle 3…..I mean level 3.

After several head turns and looks from other parents I finally got them under control and even got the help from some other nurses who weren’t assigned to Ellie but took pity on me. I finished the visit with a couple of hours of hugs with both girls. Ellie settled almost magically as soon as Hannah was placed next to her and both girls had a good rest while breathing in each others faces. The girls really do seem to take comfort in each others presence….we can’t wait to get them both home so they can do this all the time.

Ellie continues to do well with her bottles and breathing but unfortunately she lost weight again today (for the third consecutive time). She is down to 2.25 kg and really needs to start catching up to her 4.something kilo sister. Once again all the babies around Ellie’s bed have moved on to Level 2 and there are new faces in the ward. Ellie’s current good progress does put her at risk to being bumped to Level 2 if more new bubs come in, which is a really good thing but scary for us. She has only been in the one place since she was born 4 months ago.

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4 thoughts on “Day 124

  1. Whilst I’ll concede that re-inserting nose prongs in one baby while burping another, followed closely by being thrown up on would be a tough test for any parent, I hate to tell you, Matt, that it’s a proven law of Nature that women are simply better at multi-tasking – you never stood a chance!!
    Naah, just joshin’ – sounds like you did a sterling job of crisis management – you’re a good man, Charlie Brown!

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