Day 125 – Ellie’s 1st bath

Ellie had her first ever real bath! And she shared it with her sister. They cried so loudly together (their cries are identical if you were wondering) they attracted the attention of all the nurses and the doctors at the opposite end of the ward (about 20m away).


Medically Ellie is doing well. She was actually on less drugs than Hannah for about 6 hours, now they are equal again. A bunch have been taken off Ellie and she has been put on something to simply put help her jaundice (as you can see she is still a nice tan colour). They also had to do a few blood tests with the medication taking 5-6mls of the about 500mls that she has. Otherwise Ellie is looking good, she is bottling really well and seems much more satisfied. She is less grumpy today but that could be due to her nurse (one of only 2 males nurses and she is always very well behaved for him).

Ellie will hopefully be getting her hernia fixed at the beginning of August, she is booked in but these things can always change at the last minute. We will keep you updated and will be requesting extra prayers (good vibes/thoughts – whatever you feel comfortable with).

Hannah had her first follow-up appointment since being discharged. She is 4.44kgs and in the 75% percentile for her weight (as a 5 week old) and in the 50% percentile for height – clever girl. A couple of formula and medication twerks and she is looking good, will be reviewed again in another two months.



3 thoughts on “Day 125 – Ellie’s 1st bath

  1. Oh Ellie – the photo lower left where she seems to be looking at photographer pleading “Get me outta here!” I take it Hannah has learned to enjoy baths by now – she is certainly going out in sympathy with her sister.
    Was somebody inserting hot bamboo shoots under their nails under the water??
    Apart from the water torture, glad to hear E is progressing well (including wooing male nurses). Those are brilliant statistics for Hannah – clever chook! xo


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