Day 126 – 5 weeks old (corrected)

Today Ellie has so far had bottles at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm!! I have to say she is exhausted now and will sleep well tonight but I’m so super proud of our little girl. She only left 20mls at 9am and 5mls at 12pm. She has come so far and is celebrating her 45/18/5 week birthday as a very happy little girl.

Medically there were no changes today.

Twinning, I’m trying to get my head around two babies that need bottles and want attention. I was doing pretty well til 6pm when both were due a feed at the same time. I attempted my first dual bottle feed, Ellie was very good (and patient) Hannah however was very unimpressed (and having tummy pains), ended up feeding Ellie the seconf half of her bottle late and Hannah getting tummy time and back pats from the nurse.

Early I did manage to give Ellie her bottle while Hannah was sleeping in my arm. We will all learn together slowly.



Yesterday Ellie’s nurse took a photo with her prongs out for the 20th time!! (cheeky girl)


Multitasking necessities (nearly 7kgs of baby) #twinning 


Trying to settle the girls in bed together. Trying…..


3 thoughts on “Day 126 – 5 weeks old (corrected)

  1. So, it seems you’ll need to either grow 2 extra arms or better still, clone yourself…
    Though, you’re looking very proficient in the photo with both girls on your lap – I’m impressed! Equally impressed with E figuring out this whole feeding thing – she is obviously sooo determined to play catch up, bless her xo
    PS Yes, you will all learn together – you’re doing a pretty good job already!

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  2. You’ll have those three boys to help once you’re home. You’ll be amazed by how much a two year old can do! So lovely reading so many forward progress reports in a row. 🎉🎉 Closer every day to home time! xx

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