Day 127

Short and sweet tonight. The power is about to be cut so a power pole can be fixed outside our house.

Ellie is still being a super star! All suck feeds during the day (when I was there anyway) and every second feed at night – she is doing a few longer sleeps at night after suck feeds every 3 hours during the day.

We will have a true picture of her breathing in about another week, Ellie’s liver is still recovering from when she was really sick so the steroids and diuretics will be in her system for longer than usual, when they have cleared we will have a better indication of where she is. At the moment she is doing amazingly well, the consultant on this week is very impressed with her breathing during suck feeds and said it is a good indication her lungs are OK.

Go Ellie.



One thought on “Day 127

  1. I’m typing this while crossing all my fingers and toes and touching wood (you didn’t know I was that flexible and clever, did you?) :” Ellie sure sounds like she is on the home stretch”
    Maybe you’ll be able to paint those toenails when you haven’t got to drive to and from Randwick all the time!

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