Day 128

Ellie is officially the ‘healthiest’/most stable baby in level 3 and is now at the top of the moving to level 2 list to make room for new babies. I was hoping to go from level 3 straight to level 1, here’s hoping no babies are born sick or early….

Ellie’s high flow support was lowered slightly today and there was talk of lowering this further over the weekend/early next week (because she is SO old now they can’t actually lower it as much as they could for younger babies, so there is only one more level down for her and then they may try her on low flow – just oxygen no pressure). There is still the possibility the steroids and diuretics will clear her system and she may take a step back but at the moment she is looking good.

After I accidently made her vomit a whole bottle this morning (you would think I would know better than to ‘shake’ a refluxy baby straight after a bottle) Ellie has had a fairly uneventful day. She has been having 5 out of 8 bottles for the last couple of days and this afternoon decided to sleep it off, she has had two tube feeds in a row. My guesses are she is worn out after working so hard or is getting ready for a big night of being awake.

It is so nice seeing Ellie so well. Although dressed in yellow does clash with her jaundice and makes her look a little funny, I will ensure she is pink again tomorrow (the one colour that makes her look less yellow). Although she is slowly getting less yellow as her medication works.



Hey that’s me!


Hannah doing her best to wake up Ellie.


Papa hangin’ with Hannah at the hospital.


5 thoughts on “Day 128

  1. Today’s photos just beautiful – Ellie laughing at herself is too cute, the twins together lovely and my big brother with Hannah looking adoringly at him a gorgeous shot (an early birthday present for Papa?)
    Congrats to Miss E on being ready to graduate out of level 3 – brilliant news!

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