Day 129

Today was a bit of an eye opener for me (Daddy day at the hospital). Since Ellie’s big crash on the 11th of June I have been very reserved in my hope for her future. Even though Ellie has defied every negative prediction so far, a big part of me has prepared for the worst while trying to remain strong.

After seeing Ellie today, it almost felt like she had a mission to break me out of that mindset today. There were a number of things that broke me down slowly:

  1. Giving her two full bottles today that she drank easily and reminded me of Hungry Hannah as she gulped them down
  2. She was looking around at the world with such interest and interacting with me
  3. She cries just like Hannah now (nice and loud)
  4. There was one moment when I tried to burp her and he was not happy about it and stood up on my lap in protest (her legs are really strong!)

To drive the point home even more Ellie got evicted from Level 3! Even though we feel like she may not be totally ready for this, she was the strongest bubba on Level 3 and with an emergency delivery coming this afternoon she was wheeled down the corridor into the next section of the ICU. She had been in that one spot for the last 4 months, her whole existence, so it feels like a big deal that she has moved a few meters down the hospital hall.

Her next big step is to get off her high flow, today she went down to a pressure of 4 which they said would be the last step before getting off.


Our new favourite photo – Cheeky Ellie


One last snooze before moving house


The busy job of moving a bub in the ICU




9 thoughts on “Day 129

  1. Congratulations Ellie! What amazing girls you both have Debs and Matt, you must be so proud of how far they have come and how amazingly strong they are.


  2. Oh that is the most beautiful, heart warming photo of cheeky Ellie 💖💖💖 She sure is a fiesty Warrior Princess, God bless x x


  3. This morning when I phoned Ellie’s Papa to wish him a Happy Birthday we were talking about the miracles Ellie has pulled out of the bag, how amazing she has been in defying dire predictions at many points in the past 4 months and basically what a stunning spectacle it has been to watch her fight so many seemingly unwinnable battles and come out on top each time.
    How charmingly apt it is to see little Miss Wide-eyed blowing a big fat raspberry at the camera (great bubbles, Ellie) on the same day she graduates from Level 3 – priceless!!
    Yes Matt, your daughter has been doing her darnedest to break you out of your mindset of hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. You need to print up a big copy of the “Cheeky Ellie” photo and keep it somewhere close at all times!

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  4. That is the BEST photo of Ellie. Her personality shines right through in that one! When I think over all the posts of her progress and regress and progress again, that picture says a thousand words! She’s happy to give anyone a run for their money that little cherub! Miracles definitely do happen xxx


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