Day 131

Monday is always a short visit as I have to be back to Sutherland start a band at 1pm but I was excited to see Ellie and her new high flow look. She did amazingly well overnight and yet again surprised the doctors by having a fantastic oxygen saturation despite them giving her quite a low first dose of low flow (80mls).

She was quite sleepy but opened her eyes every now and then to check someone was there, so it felt worthwhile coming in.

It is quite obvious that Ellie has won the hearts of many of the staff in her 131 day stint in the ICU. Every registrar, consultant, fellow and nurse who has come past her bed has shown genuine excitement for her recent progress and her move out of Level 3. It really is a beautiful place with so many people who are clearly working in a job that reflects their passion.

Her clot in the jugular is now considered redundant (not a threat and not worth treating). Her biggest challenges ahead now are a hernia operation, recovery of her liver and continued progress with breathing and drinking. In the light of what she has come through these almost seem like small challenges for our Princess Warrior.



Ellie chillin out to some Matt Maher and Hillsong


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