Day 132

Ellie is a superstar!

Assuming all goes well overnight Ellie will get her 4 month immunisations tomorrow, get a scan (precautionary) to check her gall bladder/liver is working correctly (associated with her jaundice) on Thursday and then she will be on the list for level 1! Her low flow is down to 50mls (she started at 100 on Sunday). She is having about 4-5 out of 8 bottles a day and impressing the doctors.

Today I got there just as Ellie was finishing her 9am bottle, but got the privilege of changing her pooing nappy and then had a home practice day. The girls bedded together, mananged to do a total of 5 poos between them, I bottled them at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm (Ellie is on 3 hourly feeds and Hannah 4 hourly) and I have to say the girls didn’t sleep a whole lot and I’m pretty tired. It is just Hannah and I at Kensington tonight and Hannah has decided to cry the evening away (she doesn’t always like long days at the hospital – we left just before her 6pm bottle). The girls got to spend a little bit of time together, listen to some music and keep their Mum busy, it was a nice day.



Woohoo party day!


My turn for a feed Mummy


Almost both asleep


5 thoughts on “Day 132

  1. Wow, Ellie’s steps forward are coming thick and fast – fantastic! Deb, your day sounds exhausting – 5 pooey nappies, all those feeds, all that juggling of twin needs – all adding up to the kind of exhaustion we who love you have been wishing for you – just NORMAL baby stuff (x2!)
    Hope Hannah settles and you can get some quality rest xo

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  2. Deb and Matt, long time reader, first time poster. I am probably one of the many who read, think about you guys and pray for you without any other tangible support (apart from giving blood and plasma). I hate to admit but a while back I was scared to click on the blog every day but now it is a joy to read about Ellie’s progress and even discharge planning!! Miracle is not too strong a word.

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