Day 133 – 6 weeks old (or 19 depends how you count) and smiles

Quieter day today. Ellie was a little tired after 6 bottles out of 8 yesterday. When she did wake at 12pm for a bottle she also got her 4 month immunisations, she coped extremely well. She is sleeping the afternoon away after it too.

They turned Ellie’s low flow down to 25mls this morning, however she wasn’t doing as amazingly as she has been the last few days and she reacted to her first immunisation by holding her breath, it is back up to 50mls and will be weened slower now.

Ellie is having a HIDA nuclear medicine scan tomorrow. This is a follow-up to the liver medication she is on to help with her conjugated bilirubin (jaundice). They are just checking to ensure her gall bladder and liver are functioning correctly. The doctors are quite confident that it will be fine however it is a necessity.

It has also been confirmed that the head of surgery will be fixing Ellie’s hernia next Wednesday and the anesthetist that can perform the spinal block is also booked in.




Heads back, must be sleep time


6 thoughts on “Day 133 – 6 weeks old (or 19 depends how you count) and smiles

  1. Wow! Apart from the identical sleeping positions, photo 2 of Hannah and photo 4 of Ellie is the first time I have truly seen their “twin-ness” – beautiful photos all round.
    Hope Ellie passes her scan tomorrow with flying colours (any colour but yellow, huh?) – good to hear the “boss” will be fixing her hernia – she deserves nothing but the best! xo

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