Day 134

Today was a little tough for me (I will start with the girls are fine). Ellie had temps overnight and was working at her breathing a little harder than usual (a reaction to the vaccination). She didn’t look her usual self this morning – she was a little grey/purple compared to her usual yellow/pink. It was quite scary seeing her a little unwell because I am very aware of how quickly things can change for Ellie.

This morning she had a slight temp, but went down for her scan anyway – the ride upstairs in her bed actually calmed her down a bit, if only we could put her in a pram. She was amazing during the hour long scan, the only trouble she had was when she had a little refluxy vomit (during a feed) and had trouble, as anyone would lying flat on their back with a nuclear medicine machine about 2cm away from your face. With a little assistance from the nurse she was fine and the hour seemed to go by quickly (helped along by Hannah doing a massive poo and needing a bottle).

When we came back Ellie (also pooed) and had some panandol and slept the day away. In the afternoon she had to have a second 10min scan. Upstairs again (Hannah and Ellie both pooed while we were there this time), once again Ellie was beautifully behaved and I think enjoyed the change in scenery. Ellie has had all tube feeds today and  is once again sleeping. Her work at breathing and her being unsettled this morning was worrying for me.

I might have rung twice already since I left, but I feel like I am justified to one paranoid day (I just feel sorry for the poor nurse looking after 3 needy babies today). The doctors came around this afternoon and had a good look at her and she is fine, they are very confident it is just a small reaction to the immunisations from yesterday. I have to say one day of being unsettled and needing a little panadol wouldn’t compare to polio or pneumonia or anything else she is now hopefully protected from.



Mummy that is very close to my face (normally only the trunk of the body goes under, small people problems).



8 thoughts on “Day 134

  1. Big hugs to you Debs. I think sometimes when it finally feels like you’re making more strides forward rather than back, the thought of going backwards almost becomes more terrifying than ever before. Its hard to explain. But in those early days, and some of those very bad weeks, it was an hour-by-hour proposition for all of you, and adrenaline carries you through. You’ve been thru so much, of course you can’t help but be on high alert for the littlest thing that might trigger a lot of fear and emotion, that emotionally takes you back to the dark days and nights. All I can say is go to bed and try and get some sleep. It sounds like its been a big day and tiredness always makes the nerve endings a bit frazzled.

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  2. Sleep tight and sweet dreams to you all – hopefully tomorrow Ellie greets you with one of her beautiful, reassuring smiles and has gotten over her reaction to the vaccination – with love from one of the many members of your fan club xo

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