Day 135

Starting to feel very done with a baby in NICU, I’m very ready for a healthy baby that can come home.

Today Ellie was still very tired, she has had only 2 bottles now and she isn’t finishing them. Her oxygen went up slightly to 75mls and she is straining a lot, when she does this she turns a not so nice shade of purple. The doctors are not worried at this stage and I am very much hoping it is her hernia giving her grief.

Despite the straining and tiredness is does seem slightly better than yesterday but not the same as she was last weekend. Matt’s turn to visit tomorrow and then only a couple of days before her operation.



Attempted hearing test, unit was too noisy will try again next week. Ellie still enjoyed it.


Ellie playing during her brief awake time this morning.


Guess who I spent today with.


7 thoughts on “Day 135

  1. Poor Deb, you certainly have had a tough 12 months, you do have 4 beautiful children and one is even a warrior princess, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it will get brighter very soon xoxo


  2. Gee, I can’t possibly imagine why you could be “done” with having a baby in a NICU after a mere 135 days there – I think you’ve probably earned the right by now to hold your breath, stomp your foot and have one gigantic whammy on that subject (you know, the sort our angelic little toddlers do at the supermarket checkout when Mum says No to the chocolate display)
    Photo 1 – with one eye half closed, Ellie looks like she is intently concentrating, trying to figure out the array of strange noises “not sounding like Mummy and Daddy’s cool music”
    Photo 2 – You are just too adorably cute, Miss E
    Photo 3 – Hannah rungs rings around the Cabbage Patch Doll in the cuteness stakes (not sure if that was a compliment, CP dolls looking like they do!) Hannah definitely the prettiest toy in the basket. You sure we don’t need to contact DOCS – first you park her on the road edge in a bouncer and now you’re chucking her away with the toys – just what kind of babysitting methods are you employing, Matt?
    May tomorrow be a good, with a capital G, day xo

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  3. Oh poor Deb, here is a big hug and kiss OX 😇 After 135 days with babies/baby in NICU I think you are also a Warrior Princess 👸not long now and you will have your baby home and wont be travelling all those kilometres every day. Prayers and hugs still coming your way xoxo PS like your style of babysitting Matt….that is a photo for the “pool room”😊😀!!

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