Day 138

Monday has come around very quickly and a lot has changed since visiting Ellie in Level 2 last week on low flow breathing support. She is now still in her isolation room on lvl 3 with a Cpap mask on. There is a joke going around that she missed all her nurse and doctor friends in level 3.

We are so relieved that there is no sign of infection or sickness, but it is still hard to take after she was showing so much promise in the past few weeks. Its like we heard the final lap bell but then we have just been told in fact this isn’t the final lap of the marathon and there are is unknown amount left.

She is quite stable though and putting up a good fuss about having to have a mask on her face, which is hard for Ellie but a good sign of her strength. Her hernia operation has now been postponed until she can become a little stronger again.

It was also mentioned that she will soon be moved to the childrens hospital. The discussion is mostly that she is no longer a premmie baby needing support, but a sick baby needing support. Deb and I are both hesitant to leave the place where every doctor and nurse know her so well.



3 thoughts on “Day 138

  1. Wish I could find the right words to “disappear” your very understandable disappointment, feelings of discouragement and the anxiety of wondering what tomorrow will bring for the amazing Miss Ellie. Words are powerful tools but sometimes the right ones just don’t exist.
    Ellie has no words yet, but at every turn, every medical crisis, every huge hurdle, she has spoken loud and clear. I haven’t even met her yet, but I hear her message loud and clear – she is a fighter determined to finish that “marathon”. That middle name of hers will see her through! xo

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