Day 139

Nate came along to visit his little sister today. Due to Ellie’s private room we had plenty of room for a table and chair for Nate, Hannah’s pram, a chair for me and the nurses stool and table.

Nate really enjoyed some Mummy time today and being able to visit his youngest sibling. They were very cute chatting.


Hey little sis

Ellie had another vomit episode today were she needed a little help getting it all up, especially considering she had a CPAP mask on. Her nurse got some help from two other nurses and a doctor, after this her feeds were reduced and Ellie was obviously exhausted.

It’s a bit of a slog at the moment after being tempted with the finish line and to now feel like we are back at the beginning with a lot of unknowns. Thank you all for your continued support.



3 thoughts on “Day 139

  1. Good that Nate got some special time with both Mummy and his little sisters – cute photo.
    Probably seems like a distant dream that one day Ellie’s steps forward will outnumber the backwards ones and she’ll be home and healthy but hey, the Humphreys family has well and truly earned the right to dare to dream. Hang in there, kiddos xo

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  2. Ellie is truly a Warrior Princess, how couldn’t she be when she has a family of Warriors right by her side! You are all amazing, love you all so much.
    For everyone reading this please click on this link for details on how to donate blood towards our Hannah Rose & Ellie Grace Red25 blood donation group – we are at 80 donations, 20 donations away from our target. Time to roll up you sleeve and donate!!

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