Day 140 – 20 weeks old (7 weeks corrected)

Ellie had a very special visit from two of her aunties today (Hannah enjoyed the attention as well). Ellie is doing much the same, still just resting and recovering from her big week last week. She is actually looking quite good. She was visited by the respiratory team today and they will do some investigating, however feel that she just got tired with the amount that she has been doing. They will also change her feeding tube slightly to help stop her vomiting.

I had a sit down with a couple of the doctors today to just see were we are at and it went really well. They are confident that if she keeps going as she is she will get back to low flow eventually, it’s just how long this will take that is the real question.

At this stage the consultants are going to advocate for Ellie to stay at the Royal Women’s, mostly because on the wards at the Childrens hospital the parents are the primary care givers and stay with the baby while they are there and obviously this is not something that we are able to do, although in some way it would be nice. I did ask if they would accommodate my 3 other kids too, the thought was – probably not.

She will stay on CPAP and is currently banned from bottles until the respiratory team have conducted a CT scan and some blood tests. When she is allowed she will be paced and monitored very carefully.


Thinking of having a 150 day celebration! I think the girls deserve it (especially Ellie) for fighting so hard to get there – I’m open to suggestions or cup cake baking volunteers!







Just chillin’ with my sis


Hospital tummy time


3 thoughts on “Day 140 – 20 weeks old (7 weeks corrected)

  1. They are truly lovely photos – glad the Aunts got to enjoy some niece time (hmmm… I can remember doing that with the Aunts when they were my baby nieces) Hope the plan to keep Ellie right where she is with all the wonderful staff who know her so well plays out. Onward and upward xo


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