Day 141 – 7 weeks corrected

Well I’m told I need to clarify, our 150 day celebration will be in the hospital with Ellie and her wonderful nurses and doctors. If she is still in her private suite I might put some celebration signs up and we will be taking in cupcakes to share.

Not too much happened today, Ellie is now only requiring pressure, no oxygen on her breathing support. It seems she is getting a little stronger everyday. While she is resting she is also gaining weight, we are up to 2775 grams, if she puts on at least 5 grams tomorrow she will be 4 times her original size! I look at her now and feel that’s the size all babies should be, she is a perfect size. From here on in I have to start saying good bye to my beautiful newborn and hello to another giant like Hannah!

They are attempting to insert a feeding tube that will go through her stomach and straight to her small or large intestine (I forget, it’s the one that comes first – medical professionals feel free to comment). Anyway it’s a bit of a procedure, the only way to ensure it is in the correct position it to insert it, allow the natural muscles to take it down lower and then x-ray to ensure it is in the correct position. So far we have had two x-rays, once it was in too far, the next time it had a kink. This process take a number of hours (mostly due to waiting) each time. There will be one more attempt overnight and then if it is unsuccessful further imaging equipment will be required. They want her to be fed this way to stop her vomiting episodes and to give her stomach a break.

I hope you all stay safe in this rainy weather, wherever you are.



5 thoughts on “Day 141 – 7 weeks corrected

  1. Four times her original size – a very impressive statistic!
    Sounds like there is some very considered planning by the medical team into progressing Ellie (since Day 1, I know) but it must be so comforting for you to know how important she is to them. Ellie will be back to those bottles she so enjoyed before you know it (even if she can’t manage the cupcakes!)
    Forget the rainy weather, I just hope you all stay safe xo

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  2. absolutely gorgeous little girls, wish we were there to lend a hand (so to speak), you all are doing amazing and myself, Emma, Owen are truly inspired by you guys xx ❤ 🙂


  3. Shes a strong little fighter. She will show us all up one day. Still praying and thinking of you all. Finally get to donate on monday after weeks of flu going around in circles at our house. Ill be doing it for Ellie xoxo

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