Day 142

It was a Mummy and Ellie day today.


Ellie is looking well, she still really likes the pressure the CPAP provides but it getting bigger and stronger everyday. She was pretty tired today, but they did finally get her feeding tube in the correct place. So far she is a little grumpy about getting her feed over 3 hours instead of in 15-20 minutes, but she is allowed a little squirt of milk in her mouth when she wakes up for her regular 3 hourly feeds. They are hoping the continuous feeds will settle her stomach down, ease her reflux and prevent any more vomiting episodes from holding her back.

Ellie hasn’t been weighed today yet, but I am anticipating another gain, until tomorrow……..

We read some stories and had some hugs while Ellie dozed, the 4 hours I was there seemed to go very quickly today.


PS Aunty Julia you’ll be happy the kiddies let me get 3 nails done last night, aiming for another 3 tonight x



2 thoughts on “Day 142

  1. Well done to Nate, Levi and Hannah! Your reward for co-operating with Mummy is you get to admire the amazing artwork gracing 3 of Mummy’s finger nails. Tomorrow morning when you wake up after 10 uninterrupted hours of perfect sleep, remember to be very quiet as you prepare breakfast in bed for Mummy and Daddy – Hannah, the boys will do the cooking, you should just whizz around with the vacuum cleaner. Mummy and Daddy would like their Eggs Florentine delivered on a tray around 800am – Mum is particularly tired after painting the other 7 fingernails after you went to sleep.
    PS Hannah, when you’re done vacuuming, remember to pick a fresh flower for the breakfast tray – boys never think of that kinda stuff
    Some kind of demented fantasy?? Actually, just a couple of Mother’s/Father’s Days down the track. I’m picturing all FOUR of them doing just that kind of thing together (would you settle for cold, bendy, Vegemite toast and a juice popper?)

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