Day 147

Well it’s 5pm and the Humphreys girls are shattered. Ellie was working a little harder again today and then at the end of hugs (around 1pm) had a gagging vomit. They were on the verge of reintubating her when she picked herself back up (I was asked to leave just before she picked herself back up and let me tell you it wasn’t just Ellie’s reflux mucking up).

She had bloods taken and is back on antibiotics. After she settled down she managed to pull her special feeding tube out and then while a regular one was being put in she ripped out her fresh cannula. New cannula has been put in, she is almost in air – still working hard with her breathing but a little more relaxed and saturating well.

Like I said we are exhausted.

Until tomorrow.


(Photos – Hugs, resting after her vomit and just after her second cannula went in).


6 thoughts on “Day 147

  1. Its a hard ride Deb – but when you bring Ellie home its all going to be worth every bump in the road. We can’t wait for that day, I think you will hear the cheering from your house 🙂

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  2. Someone asked me today how Ellie was going, my reply was a few good days and then sometimes a bad one, sounds like today was one of those bad ones, love to you all, I have positive thoughts that she will turn the corner soon and come home t her loving family home xoxo


  3. hoping you all get a good rest tonight xxxxxxx, thinking of all of you, Ellie, god bless you, strong gorgeous little girl, hoping the next days will be all good one’s for you guys, you are all truly inspirational !! xx 🙂


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