Day 153 – 5 (very long) months old

Well on my 1 1/2hr drive into the hospital this morning it became more and more obvious that I have the family cold. I still gave Ellie a quick visit although I was reluctant to talk to her just in case I spread germs. She was very happy to see me, staring a lot and then pooing on me. This was followed by Hannah vomiting on me and then it was home for a rest (as much as you can with a 9 week old).

Ellie was one-on-one with her nurse today, so she was able to get some stimulation and interaction during her up times, I’m told they had hugs and read stories this afternoon. She is looking really good, breathing easier and looking bigger every time I see her.

If I am well enough to go in we will have a family meeting with a couple of the doctors tomorrow and discuss Ellie’s surgery and treatment plan from here.

Sorry forgot to take photos.



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