Day 154

Ellie is much the same today, lost a small amount of weight so is just under 3kgs. This was expected after the week she had.

One interesting thing was the discussion during the grand rounds with all the consultants in regards to Ellie’s surgery. Some feel like they should wait to see what happens/until she is older/bigger. Anyway this weeks consultant will have a chat with the surgeons hopefully tomorrow and then we can have a sit down and a more in depth conversation about.

I have a virus so excluded myself from the hospital today, Matt went in with cupcakes (very well received by all) for the staff as a way to say thank you for the last 150+ days from the girls. We would like to say thank you to all the amazing people that have helped us celebrate 150 days of the girls being out, fighting and winning. Without you we would have struggled to celebrate, it truly means a lot to us.

Thank you also to all of you who follow our journey and support us, I know that some of you have never met us and yet you still support us, thank you.

Just to give you all a bit of an idea, our blog has been viewed just shy of 60,000 times from over 10,000 different devices/computers. Thank you, all of you. You encourage and motivate us everyday. We hope that Ellie and Hannah can brighten your days and encourage you to never give up.


PS Ellie had another eye test, all looks good. Next one isn’t for 3 months!


Hi Daddy!


Having a grumpy day in Mummy’s bed today


I had a good sleep last night and am very happy today


One thought on “Day 154

  1. As one of the very many who have followed your blog all these months, can I say it’s impossible not to be inspired to plod on no matter what the difficulty when observing the tenacity, stamina, bravery and graciousness displayed by the whole Humphreys Family.
    We all appreciate the effort you and Matt have put in to the blog – can imagine there have been many days when finding the energy and time to post has been difficult. It’s been wonderful to be kept informed and it’s been positively wondrous to watch the path of your gorgeous girls since Day 1 – thank you xo

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