Day 155

There is still a cold going around the Humphreys household so this meant another Daddy Day. Ellie is still seeming quite well and is having substantial amounts of up time during the day. This also means that she is becoming bored and wanting lots of attention. When I arrived I caught two nurses doting on Ellie and chatting to her….neither of them were assigned to Ellie as her nurse was at lunch! She has done a very good job at winning hearts at the hospital and is currently reaping the benefits.

She seems so much older in the last week or so and it makes her reality of never having been outside and always having a mask on her face a little more confronting.

The head of surgery came to see her today and said what most doctors have been saying. They don’t want to rush into major surgery on a 3 month old and will let her get a little stronger before considering this more seriously. Anesthetists also don’t like operations within a month of any sort of infection, and it was just a week ago Ellie was crashing from an aspiration on her lungs and pneumonia.

This does however give Ellie a chance to improve on her own and not even need surgery…..what’s one more miracle for the warrior princess!

So the waiting game continues without a finish line in sight but we are encouraged by all those helping us up the hills and around the corners.


Holding hands with Daddy



Ellie’s current favourite book.


One thought on “Day 155

  1. That NICU sure sounds like a place staffed by some very special people. The fact that Ellie’s world thus far has been such a limited one with so many physical limitiations/restrictions/annoyances, will surely mean that when she gets to “escape”, everything is going to seem so much more delightful – noteworthy that that particular Dr Seuss title is her favourite!
    Hope you all get well soon xo


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