Day 156

So if you know me, you will know I am terrible at being sick. Gall bladder removed, caesarean not too much whinging. When I get a virus – that’s it, I’m selfish, whingy and feel like I will never get better.

Needless to say my amazing husband has been doing all the night feeds, still working pretty much full time and visiting Ellie everyday. So today he had a ‘break’ he stayed at home looking after Hannah and Levi before he started work. This meant I got to sit on the lounge and I have to say I feel much better for it (not to mention the rest of the help I have been getting from grandparents and friends).

All of this meant we used our special ‘pass’ for the first time allowing someone in to see Ellie without us there. Granma went in and had a hug and read stories and had a bit of a chat with Ellie. The nurse looking after the baby next to Ellie also gave me a beautiful report that Ellie very much enjoy spending time with her Granma and had a very quiet and peaceful afternoon once she had left.

I was told Ellie put on some weight and is once again 3kgs and other than that she is still just cruising, enjoying her current breathing support and slowly getting bigger and stronger. The doctors have her in a bit of a holding pattern hoping age and size will eventually defeat some of the problems she is current having.




2 thoughts on “Day 156

  1. Oh look at those gorgeous arms! Glad you are looking after yourself Debs and Ellie had a lovely day with Granma. Matt you are such a wonderful husband and father, they are very lucky to have you


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