Day 160

The gastroenterologist visited Ellie today. Her reflux medication has been increased and her milk will be changed slightly. The formula will be easier to process and the fats that are added will be less irritable to her reflux. They hope this change won’t only help her reflux, but also help her to gain weight. Otherwise there were no medical changes. The Gastro team do want to conduct two tests, one is a swallowing test where they will allow Ellie to suck a very small bottle of contrast and then scan her to see how everything is working. The second is a probe that will sit halfway down her throat for 24 hours just to see how much she is actually refluxing. The results of these tests will help determine whether or not she needs surgery or not.

Just lots of Mummy hugs! She was awake when I arrived and probably should have been going back to bed, but she stayed awake to hang with her Mum and then had a couple of cat naps and kept staying away….. we got a whole bunch of hugs and then she was being patted when I left.

Meeting with the doctors tomorrow, hopefully we will start making some progress and getting some answers.


Sister love. Didn’t last long. They did get hugs at the same time for a while today though.


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