Day 162

Ellie is still very happy today. She had some good sleeps and is very much enjoying her high flow.

This evening she tried to tell them she could have her feeding tube in her nose now, by ripping it out of her mouth. Unfortunately the nurse who reinserted it out it back down through her mouth. She was very happy with herself after she got it out. After getting it back in and new tape and an xray she is quite grumpy and I feel it may be a long night for her nurse.

I’m really enjoying once again being able to see Ellie’s face and head it is so nice. It is also much easier to pick her up and give her hugs without all the head gear on.

I’m hoping she can get back to sleep when things settle down and have another restful night.


3 thoughts on “Day 162

  1. Well it has been a better news week – well done Ellie and well done all of you 😊 keep hanging in there, you are always in my thoughts and I wish there was some practical help I could offer. Lots of love to all of you xxxxxx


  2. It’s been a case so often of forgetting that Hannah and Ellie are identical twins, but that pair of photos most definitely confirms it – wow!
    Ellie continues to try and drive the agenda – such a challenge for the poor nurses – sorry nurses, but keep it up Ellie – your fighting spirit has already brought you soooooo far!


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