Day 163

Well after fighting Ellie off one of the nurses (they were both very much enjoying hugs) I got to sit down and have a nice long 3 hour hug with my baby girl. She is sleeping a lot again today. However after last nights escapade with her tube she was up for quite a while so is quite rightly tired today. They lowered her high flow level this morning and this afternoon brought her oxygen down a little bit (there wasn’t far to go so they will just try to lower it in very small amounts). They have pulled a rocking chair out for Ellie that she seems to quite enjoy and often falls asleep in it after some playtime.

Due to her being so settled today she hasn’t been weighted yet, I am hoping for a gain after the rest she has been getting since going on to high flow.

One concern I have had it that Ellie hasn’t smiled yet. Although my concern now is that Ellie hasn’t smiled at me yet (except in her sleep). She smiles at Aunties and nurses and doctors and students and basically everyone. And then I turn up and she falls asleep and smiles at me in her dreams, cheeky girl. She is reminding me more and more of Levi everyday.

Matt and I often joke about the girls potentially having different coloured eyes because of the very slight difference in their DNA. Well today I noticed that Ellie no longer has hazel eyes like her Mummy but a deep dark brown like her Daddy and oldest brother. Hannah at this stage is still hanging on to her Mummy’s hazel eyes. Only time will tell what happens next.


A whole lot of sleeping today while Mummy visited.


4 thoughts on “Day 163

  1. She’s so comfy with you deb, that she probably just wants to rest 😊 She does have a beautiful smile though, I feel very privligaged to have seen it considering I’ve only see her for a couple of hours ❤️ If it makes you feel better Harry holds out on me all the time too!

    I wonder if the DNA difference could be curly and straight hair, that would be cool 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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  2. I just realised today was my last day seeing you 😦 lucky I still have 5 long night shifts to smother Ellie in hugs (deep down she loves them) keep hanging in there, you guys have been such an amazing family to look after. Xx


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