Day 164

After sleeping for 3 days straight (pretty much) since being on high flow Ellie has gained 160 grams, since Wednesday!!! She is now at her heaviest weight, 3.15kgs!

Ellie and I had another day of nice hugs. She was awake long enough for a nice bath (second one I have given her and there was no screaming this time). She finished hugs off with a nice big poo which made her cry more than usual due to her sore bottom. I suspect her body needs to get use to the tweeks in her new formula recipe. For now it is being dealt with by quick nappy changes and lots of cream.

When I rang I was told Ellie had a lovely afternoon, she had a big sleep. Woke about 430 had some playtime and fell asleep peacefully during tummy time.

Daddy days for the next two days.



Mummy left me with the boys again, it was fun!


Bath time fun.

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