Day 166

Today is Ellie’s shortest visit but we made the most of it. Ellie had conveniently woken up 10 minutes before I arrived and had already managed to wrangle the attention of two nurses to chat to her. After about an hours worth of stories and chats she was ready for another nap and slept quite happily for a further hour. She really is acting like a normal bub at the moment but seems to be about 2 or 3 weeks behind her big sister in general development.

She did have quite a good yell at me for the final 30 minutes of the visit… seems Daddy wasn’t too good at getting the hint that her nappy was full, which when remedied saw her settle back down instantly.

She had another small decrease in her air pressure and are monitoring her closely to see how she handles it. The surgeons and consultants will meet with Deb on Wednesday to discuss exactly what we do in regards to the upcoming operation.


Snuggling in ready for a nap – she is now almost 5 times her birthweight


3 thoughts on “Day 166

  1. With her right knee drawn up, it looks like she is trying to climb on outta here! Considering the difference at birth and everything E has had to contend with since then, “2 or 3 weeks behind her big sister in general development” sounds like a fantastic achievement!

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  2. Gorgeous little princess! you guys are all amazing and give us inspiration and strength, you are in our thoughts every day, keep well and stay strong and positive xxxxxxx 🙂


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