Day 167

Ellie’s official weight is 3.33kgs! The consultant this week is happy to leave her and let her keep gaining weight. She was working a little hard with her breathing and her oxygen requirement was creeping up so they have increased her high flow slightly.

It was a busy day for Hannah and I. We did a quick tour of one of the wards in the children’s hospital. Collected our NICU beads (a new program they are running in the unit – you get a bead for each significant event/procedure/etc) we collected about 200 today plus spacers and they were 10 short, I guess they weren’t expecting one baby to have had 60 xrays….. We also chatted briefly to a report from the paper who was doing a day in the life of a NICU unit. They spotted the girls in bed together and reacted like most people do when they see twins, needless to say we got some more photos. Hannah was totally hamming it up smiling and playing cute. I think the baby that isn’t currently a patient may feature more than the one that is.

It is getting hard thinking about how much longer Ellie will be in hospital for. We are very ready for her to come home now.


PS got my first real proper smile from Ellie today, they were exactly the same as Hannah’s it was the best thing ever!!


Just a couple of beads…


Hug time


Trying to capture the amazing smiles.


Sister time!



7 thoughts on “Day 167

  1. Wow what a beautiful bead collection. I really do marvel at how beautifully your girls are cared for. Hope that those smiles from Ellie can get you through the next little bit of time she needs to spend in hospital. Love Jen. xxx

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  2. The bling is very impressive – wish you’d acquired them maybe at a market stall and not the hard way the girls have had to earn them – 200 and they were 10 short? A lovely idea all the same – definitely something for the treasures box. If Ellie’s smile unravelled you today, imagine how fantastic it will be when you walk into her room at home as she wakes up in her very own cot and beams at you – that time is getting closer every day – hang in there xo
    PS Let us all know when you get to be stars in the newspaper – I’ve still got the Channel 9 news recording from what now seems an eternity ago

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  3. The photos of Ellie really melted my heart last night 💘 Love the one where you are looking down at Hannah and Ellie is looking up at you 💕💕 Hopefully wont be much longer Deb x x

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