Day 168 – 11 weeks corrected

The girls conspired together today to remove Ellie’s special feeding tube. The result was it is now down her nose so her mouth is free and Ellie gets three more beads for her collection! (feeding tube in and out, plus another xray).

Ellie stayed the same weight today, however after her last two massive gains that isn’t an issue.

Plan this week is to do a contrast study. Then rest and get bigger. It is looking like months again before we get our baby home.

Sorry short post, distracted by Hannah. Typing and holding a baby is a little hard.



Oops, maybe we shouldn’t have pulled out your feeding tube.


5 thoughts on “Day 168 – 11 weeks corrected

  1. Mmmm, tempt a girl with some pretty bling and she’ll do anything to get her hands on more of the same – 3 beads not worth it , Miss Ellie! So what part did Hannah play in this mischief – did she reach over and wrench it out??
    Message to my Great Nieces – behave!!


  2. They are beautiful beads but girls there are other ways to add to your collection! You guys are going to have some fun with those two as toddlers- Hannah create a diversion for me hehe. Hannah looks so much like you in that photo Debs. Hope the contrast study goes well. You are all in my thoughts daily xx


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