Day 169

There have been 92 donations made in the girls names!! So close to the original goal of 100 donations by their 1st birthday. I say we get 100 by the time they are 6 months old!!! That gives you all 15 days to get donating.

Hannah received 2 whole blood transfusions.

Ellie has received 11 whole blood transfusions, 13 platelet transfusions, 1 plasma transfusion and 2 lots of Albumin.

So the 92 donations that have currently been made in the girls names will be helping other people too. I was told the platelet transfusions do require more than one donation each time Ellie got one, however the whole blood transfusions are smaller bags (paediatric bags) so they go further.

I you haven’t yet or your were one of the first to donate (the girls are almost 6 months old now) you can donate for the first time or every 3 months so you can go again!

Medically no changes today. Ellie is acting more and more like a regular baby, although a little more tired because a lot of her energy is spent on her breathing – but she will be a tired kid for a few years yet. The girls thankfully didn’t cause any trouble today.



Yesterday I once again attempted to get a nice photo of Ellie with nothing on her face….. yeah right Mum.


Todays sister time!


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