Day 170

Ellie is on the list for the CICU at the Children’s hospital – they are full so could still be a while away, but it will happen.

Ellie has maintained her weight beautifully since Monday, her feeds were increased today to try and correct this (hehe). If she can put on weight well and consistently she can get her surgery and hopefully be a little closer to coming home, assuming her breathing starts improving.

Nan came in for a visit today and was very happy to see Ellie with her head gear off, it truly does make a big difference. I really hope she doesn’t have to go back to CPAP again, it makes it very difficult for me to bond with her.

Ellie had a beautiful nurse on last night that gave her hugs and love, hopefully she will be on again tonight. She also made a display on the wall of all Ellie’s photos – it made me very happy to see it today. It makes leaving her a little bit easier when I know she is not just being looked after well but being treated like a loved little baby.



A wall of love.


My baby girls current home.


Mum I’m trying to sleep!


One thought on “Day 170

  1. I know you wish that the hospital wasn’t still the only home Ellie has known so far, but it sure sounds like a very special place full of very special staff – glad you feel that sense of reassurance. I’m sure the Children’s hospital is also full of a lot of very dedicated people who love kids – let’s hope E’s stay there is a short one enroute to Waterfall! Keep up the weight gain, Ellie – you’re doing brilliantly, clever little chook xo


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