Day 171

Some exciting Hannah news to start. Hannah rolled from her tummy to her back today! Ellie did manage this a few days again. however she was elevated and much more surprised that it happened than Hannah was, Go Hannah.

Well I have suspected it for a few days now. I tried to tell people that Ellie was working hard. This afternoon Ellie was put back on to NAVA, she is at a similar level to what she was when they took her off it a week and a half ago. She really didn’t like having the head gear put on, but promptly fell asleep once it was all sorted. I’m told her work of breathing decreased quite quickly also. They put her straight on NAVA rather than CPAP because she responds so well to it, as she proved once again today.

I did get my cuddles while she was still on high flow which was nice.

Two Daddy days now.



The last time we will see this cute face for a little bit.


3 thoughts on “Day 171

  1. Clever Hannah – you’ll be sitting up before you know it!
    I know you’re disappointed that E has gone back on to NAVA, but I’m glad it’s available as a bit of gear for her – whatever it takes to give her the time she needs to be able to breathe on her own – the “cheer squad” members out there are all hoping and praying for that time to come real soon.
    As for the photo – have you ever seen a more perfect cupid mouth?? Stay strong, Miss Ellie xo


  2. Anne’s right – there does seem to be a pattern. Maybe try a code word substitute for “Children’s Hospital”, something like “ice cream shop”- you’ll sound nuts in front of all the NICU staff, but it just might work – “We’ll be transferring straight to the ice cream shop after her hernia surgery”… When she reads the blog x years from now, you’ll be able to blame me for the fib!


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