Day 172 – Father’s Day

You would think that by day 172 we would be used to the up and down roller coaster of the NICU. It was rather surreal that following seeing Ellie today back in her head gear full breathing support the Catholic Weekly released an article from last weeks blog where I was talking about how she had finally turned a great corner and was doing so much better.

Click Here for Link to Catholic Weekly Article

But today wasn’t all negative.

First and foremost Ellie seemed quite happy and is nothing like last time she went back onto NAVA (after getting sick from pneumonia). We had a great chat, read stories and then she had a very settled sleep on Dad’s lap for Father’s Day. She is quite happy on her current NAVA setting of 1.3 and 21-25% oxygen and hopefully she only goes forward from this setting.

Despite all her difficulties, Ellie still managed to organise two lots of Father’s Day gifts and cards. I found one page of the book very appropriate (except I think it is Ellie that teaches me to keep going and not the other way around!)


‘My Daddy love me, I know he does. He teaches me to keep going even when I want to give up.’


Happy Father’s Day Daddy


6 thoughts on “Day 172 – Father’s Day

  1. Happy Father’s Day to you, Matt. Glad you had a good visit with Ellie today – hope the day started with your other three treasures bringing you a breakfast in bed of appropriately cold, rubbery toast with big lumps of vegemite or something similarly delicious x


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