Day 174

Ellie’s reflux test started this morning and she went back on to high flow for it. It was so nice spending the day with her without her head gear. She seems to be coping on high flow at this stage. The test goes for 18-24hrs, I’m really hoping I get to spend some time with her before she goes back on NAVA tomorrow.

Ellie’s amazing nurse set up a play area for the girls today. It felt a little bit like home playing with my two babies on the floor and then they both fell asleep.


Ellie’s new poster on her wall, just incase someone under estimates her


10 thoughts on “Day 174

  1. How clever are you and Matt to make such a beautiful, identical pair of perfect little wide-eyed girls!
    Am thinking “storm” might be an inadequate descriptor – typhoon, hurricane, tornado, cyclone… Yep, that’s it – Cyclone Ellie – perfect!

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