Day 177

So many of the nurses in the NICU are absolutely amazing. I keep asking them to come home with me when Ellie comes home, as much as they love Ellie surprisingly they aren’t super keen to be on duty 24/7 and not be paid.

Ellie is doing really well. Although you have to read that in context. I was asked today how Ellie was going and I said really well. Is she home? No. Is she off breathing support? No. Is she having feeds? No. But she is acting like a baby, waking and demanding hugs at 430 in the afternoon, not crying but whinging if her nurse isn’t in her direct line of sight. Sleeping at night and have awake times during the day. Screaming if her nappy is dirty. The last two days she is looking really comfortable with her breathing as well. She looks good and for Ellie she is doing really well. She is up to 3580grams and has put on weight at all three weigh ins this week. She is just shy of being in the 3rd percentile for her corrected age. She has come such a long way.

Tonight’s photo sesh will be a reminder to us all of how far Ellie has come and how crazy her journey has been, thanks for your support x


Ellie Day 2

Ellie Day 2


First hugs, about 4 weeks old


First ever twin hugs


The smallest dummy looking huge

1st Family photo 30042016

Our first family photo with the 6 of us (the boys have changed a lot since then)


Ellie went from NAVA to CPAP to high flow before she got sick.

13382236_10153760445801298_948377635_n (1)

Back in June when it was thought Ellie wouldn’t make it.


Ellie’s baptism and a night many people will never forget


That’s right Hannah came home around then as well.


Ellie starting to feel a bit better


On the mend.


Back on high flow, where she was before she go sick – also when I first noticed her hernia’s.


Starting on bottles


Low flow and on the road home


Aspirating vomit and exhaustion leads to pneumonia


Got worse, went on to NAVA and improved


A week on high flow and Mummy’s first proper smiles


Exhausted again last week and back on NAVA


One day on high flow for a test


Looking great and comfortable on NAVA today.


8 thoughts on “Day 177

  1. The story line of just those few (of many) photos is already the outline for a book that would make riveting reading – flesh out the blog, I say, and go for a Pulitzer!
    You’ve all been on one heck of a ride, huh? xo


  2. Wow! Ellie continues to Astound us! She is teaching you both so much about yourselves, your two gorgeous boys have prepared your parenting skills to maximise what you have experienced on this journey so far, and Hannah is leading in the Hope and Encoragement stakes of what is yet to come for Ellie. With God on your side, keep going Family! Bless you all!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ellie is doing remarkably well and that is all to the strength and support she gets not only from her nurses and doctors but her whole family. I loved looking at home much she has grown in the almost 6 months. Keep going little princess!

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