Day 178

Today was a shorter visit as we also had the boys family birthday lunch. Levi turned 3 yesterday and Nate turns 6 on Tuesday. I had a good chat to Ellie while I was there and she cried with impeccable timing when I told her she was missing out on her brothers birthday ‘party’.

Ellie was a little unsettled today and had a few clear vomits (the mask creates a lot of saliva in her mouth so even though she has no milk in her tummy she still manages to bring something up). Her NAVA levels were looking good so they gave her a try on Cpap and she was doing well when I left. This is just a small step down in breathing support but if she can handle it it will mean one less tube down her throat.

The girls made the headlines again today, this time it was the Daily Telegraph. I had to go to 5 different shops to find a copy for ourselves, I never realised how popular the girls actually were! (and I am sure it had nothing to do with the big scoop on the Bachelor….I am guessing that is a big thing at the moment?)

Click here for a link to the girls Telegraph article.

The reporter had planned to do the article on other families but they got excited when they saw twins in the same bed, and Hannah kept smiling at the photographer.


‘What do you mean they are having the party without me?’




8 thoughts on “Day 178

  1. Yep, they got more than their fair share of the newspaper article – star status befitting the little gems that they are. So sad that Ellie couldn’t be at her brothers’ birthday party – hope Levi and Nate both enjoyed their special day and that Hannah got to try some birthday cake x
    PS Deb, should I address you as “Humphreys” from now on, as the journo did? It sounded a little “police reportish”- though he didn’t say you’d absconded or decamped the scene (allegedly)!


  2. Happy happy birthday to Levi and Nate and hope they had a great day. I am loving all the photos of the girls, Ellie is looking so much bigger in the photos and has cheeky little eyes…love the photo today….Hi Hannah hope you are being a good girl. Take care Deb and Matt All our love, prayers and thoughts


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