Day 179

Ellie’s CPAP was reduced today we are yet to see if she is handling it. The plan (today) is to get her comfortable on the highest level of high flow and then it will just be waiting for her operation and transfer to the kids.

I’ve been told by one of the nurses that Ellie loves Frozen, Let it Go in particular. I have heard in the past that another nurse sits and sings Disney songs with her – she is going to have some high expectations when she comes home!


Alert and I’m told very happy.


Resting peacefully


Not an awkward position to sleep in at all……


My ‘wakey’ time with Ellie



One thought on “Day 179

  1. As Grandma to 2 little girls, I’ve had more than my fill of Frozen, but I get Ellie loving Let it Go – definitely a song with punch suitable for Miss Super Feisty. As for when she gets home with high expectations of musical entertainment, are you forgetting your very talented husband? Or should I have said The Known Associate of Humphreys (see yesterday’s comments if you’re reading this and scratching your head)


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