Day 181

I have a distinct memory of blogging about the fact that it seemed inevitable that we would be posting about the girls stay in hospital past day 100. It is now fairly certain that it will be the same for past 200.

Today was difficult as Nate was sick (on his birthday) so Deb had to miss her hospital visit so she could look after the kids. (That said, she has now driven in tonight and was meant to just rest in the nearby accommodation until the morning but she couldn’t help but pop in and see Ellie).

Ellie was still well looked after by her nurses and had a special visit from Poppy and Grandma to keep her company. Deb has another doctors meeting tomorrow and there may be more discussion on time frames for preparing for the operation (and then hopefully followed by her homecoming party).


‘I think you guys might have the wrong bed….my mum doesn’t wear glasses and my dad had a beard last time he visited.’


5 thoughts on “Day 181

  1. Hope Nate still enjoyed his No. 6 – not good being sick on your birthday, little man…
    Gorgeous photo of the proud Grandparents with their little treasure – Ellie looks like she is hanging on every word Grandma is saying – as she should, Denise! (We Grandmas have to stick together)
    Deb, hope today’s meeting with docs goes well x


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