Day 182

When I arrived Ellie was very cranky and chugging away – chugging is a word used a lot in the NICU it is a way to describe a babies breathing, they chug along physically working at breathing. Her oxygen requirement was also creeping up. However during doctors rounds it was decided that her CPAP level would be increased slightly. After this change (and a big smelly poo) Ellie was settled and had a good sleep. She looked much more comfortable and happy and her oxygen requirement was lowered.

The respiratory team came to visit Ellie today. It was decided that Ellie would be put on a short course of steroids to get her lungs as strong as possible to get her ready for her surgery (I was told the steroids will help with her teething also – yes teething, so much saliva from both of them!)

The doctors meeting was postponed til tomorrow so that two CICU consultants could also make it – I think there will be an interesting conversion in regards to what will happen first the move or the surgery.

Hannah was a bit cranky today but is very happy lying on the floor next to me now.


Hanging out with my Mumma.


Hey Sis.


I really need to take photos with Ellie in the foreground. She isn’t really that small (3.61kgs). Hannah is wearing a 000 singlet (where’s my baby gone)


3 thoughts on “Day 182

  1. Gorgeous photos of your gorgeous girls Deb and before you know it they will be crawling..ha ha! It will be interesting to hear what Drs decide, will be thinking of you x x 💖💖


  2. Teething?????!!!!!*****
    Well, I guess it’s good to hear of the girls having a very ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill baby issue – with everything else going on, it just seems surprising (but shouldn’t be) to think of Ellie in particular suffering with teething.
    Hannah in 000 now (love the Rainbow Girl shot) and just over a kilo 6 months ago – remarkable – E at 3.6 kilos is equally remarkable – whodathunkit?
    Love to all x

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