Day 183

Today seemed to go very quickly. Ellie woke up as I arrived – her and Hannah had a little sit together and chat. Ellie then decided it was a good time to choke on some saliva once the nurse sorted her out she promptly fell asleep. Hannah then had a feed and then we went straight to my family meeting. There was a lot of talk as a CICU consultant was there and over an hour later, I had enough time to get some extra string for all of Ellie’s beads and had to head home.

The immediate outcome from the meeting was that Ellie would get her hernia’s fixed under general anaesthetic (she is too old for a spinal now) and then be transferred to the CICU directly from theatres. Matt and I will hopefully get a chance to do a more through tour of the CICU and meet with a few of the other staff before this takes place. It could be as early as next week. The hardest part at this stage is that Ellie will have to be intubated a day or two before her surgery.



How I found Ellie asleep this morning.


One thought on “Day 183

  1. It would be nice to think that the hernia surgery followed by the transfer to the Children’s Hospital are the next steps to be taken on Ellie’s way home to her family. All of you will have MANY holding you in their thoughts and prayers to help you through (not to mention the skill, caring and dedication of all the medicos!)
    Was E playing peek-a-boo perhaps? You know, where they’re convinced no-one can see them if they can’t see you. Or maybe she has her Daddy’s soccer genes and was throwing her blanky over her head yelling “Goal!”
    Get some rest and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow x


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