Day 184 – 6 months old!


6 months old and all I got was this silly hat! Thanks Mum.

So Ellie gained weight for her 6 month birthday she is now 3.69kgs (only 100g off Levi’s birth weight and 200 off Nate’s). I also popped Hannah on the scales she is about 6kgs. The only medical changes today is Ellie has gone from her $55,000 NAVA machine giving her CPAP to a bubble CPAP machine that is worth a fraction of the price (it was not swapped because of the price – it was swapped to ensure she liked it before her move to CICU). I also got a tour of the CICU or PICU with one of the nurses today and got to meet a couple of the Mums who are currently there with their babies. I almost forgot, Ellie had another (it’s been a little while) heart echo today, just because breathing problems are sometimes due to heart problems. It was fine and all looks great as expected.

In the last 6 months…

$3,421.00 was raised by many of you for the NICU through the Running for Premature Babies Foundation and Roy running a half marathon. A plaque was put up a couple of weeks ago in recognition of how much this foundation has done for the NICU. Many of the machines Hannah and Ellie used and the research they benefited from was actually only made available because of the amazing work Running for Premature Babies does.


111 blood, plasma and platelet donations have been made through the RED25 group, ‘Hannah Rose and Ellie Grace’ saving an amazing 333 lives. This is all due to my sister Helen’s initiative and motivation and to everyone that rolled up their sleeve and gave some of their amazing blood away.


Thank you for my blood, love Hannah


Blood 1blood 2



Hannah has gone 1 day without seeing a blood relative and Ellie has gone 2 or 3. Many trips have been made in and out of Randwick, I would hate to think how many hundreds of hours have been spend in cars by Matt and I, family and friends visiting and giving us lifts.

The girls have had hundreds and hundreds of procedures and scans and cannulas and xrays between them. Ellie alone has had 63 xrays – not including any head, heart and belly ultrasounds and scans. They have had 100s of blood tests and heel pricks – so many that Ellie has scarred and calloused heels, Hannah has scars on her ankles and legs and they both have scars on the tops of their hands. Their stays in hospital and numerous procedures have cost over $1 million.

We have had approximately 70 meals made more us, as well as a number of grocery and fruit deliveries. The boys combined have been babysat for all or part of about 80 days.

We have made 198 posts to this blog, it has been viewed 69,097 times by 12,568 visitors.

The girls have been in the media 6 times (unless I am forgetting one – The Catholic Weekly x2, Mamamia, The Red Cross Blood Bank, channel 9 news and the paper last weekend). All in an effort to raise funds for the NICU and to encourage people to donate blood.

Special occasions that have passed include Easter, Mother’s Day, Matt’s birthday, my birthday, our Wedding anniversary, Father’s Day, Levi’s birthday and Nate’s birthday.

Ellie has gained 2995grams, she is now over 5 times her birth weight. Hannah has gained just shy of 5kgs, she is also now just over 5 times her birth weight.

The girls have had approximately 1 zillion photos taken of them by us and the amazing staff at the NICU.

Ummmmm……. there really has been a lot happen over the last 6 months, it is half a year. In 5 days the girls will have been out in the big wide world for as long as they were inside of me.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped contribute to helping all 6 of us get through the last six months – from the amazing medical staff who have kept our babies alive, to the donations of money – blood – food, to our parents for the baby sitting, to the people who sit down with me and chat, to the amazing supporters who read our blog and encourage us to keep going, to the many amazing people who have and still are praying for us and Ellie. And especially to the people who have stuck with us – 6 months is a long time, having 3 kids at home and one is hospital has to some degree become a routine to us, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. So thank you to those that help us and try to understand what this journey is like for all of us.

If you want to, share something significant that has happened to you in the last 6 months or just something that means something to you xx




12 thoughts on “Day 184 – 6 months old!

  1. Fantastic post and well done to you guys. My husband will be running the New York City Marathon in November with Running for Premature Babies (it’s their 10yr anniversary) and their aim is to raise money for another NAVA machine for the NICU. Fingers crossed it can help more babies. Best of luck with transfer to CICU… We had friends at the NICU who had to do that move straight from surgery and while tough to leave the familiar NICU, they found some benefits in the Children’s hospital environment. Take care

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  2. I don’t know if anyone could top that truly epic 6 months you’ve just described – here’s my contribution of “something that means something to me”: In the past 6 months I have had the privilege of watching a series of miracles unfold. I’ve cried sad tears for you, I’ve cried happy tears for you, at times I’ve been completely gobsmacked, at times I’ve been extremely anxious and then enjoyed the high of another crisis averted. Sharing your “adventures” with us all has been a tremendous gift full of many valuable lessons – it’s all of us that need to thank you!
    Happy, happy, happy 6 months HannahRoseEllieGrace!! xo

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  3. Shivers all over my body while reading this post. Such a marathon. I take my hat off to your whole family for surviving this long!
    Well, 7 months ago we bought our little premmie miracle baby home, Astrid, after spending 6 weeks at the Royal and 6 weeks at Kareena. Seeing her grow, move, smile and simply being home with us has been just the best thing ever. I can’t wait for the day you can take Ellie home and be reunited all at home together xx


  4. Congratulations to you all on this significant 6 months celebration! To Ellie & Hannah firstly, Matt, Deb, Nate & Levi, as well as all your extended family, your strength has been inspiring & encouraging to so many of us. We love reading your posts each evening and admire your strength to put up these posts each day to keep all of us in touch with your journey. Whatever we may have done in the past 6 months pales greatly in significance to everything you have all been through. However we do pray for your family each night in our prayers/grace
    before dinner. So your posts really encourage us to continue our prayer journey for you all. Thank you for taking the time to include all of us in your journey. Our prayers continue for all of you, but especially for little Ellie in the forthcoming weeks. God Bless. The Winn Family xx

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  5. Six months. The arrival of two precious granddaughters calling so many people to prayer. Hannah’s smiles and Ellie’s concentration when you speak to her. The privilege of hearing Levi and Nate develop spoken and written language skills. This blog with all the worries and joy it evokes. Matt and Deb an inspiring effort showing faith in action as well as outstanding writing skills.

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  6. Happy 6 months beautiful girls, what an amazing and courageous effort xx 🙂 Such determination and strength! You are ALL so inspirational ….. you encourage many of us to keep trying to do better each and every day, thoughts and prayers are with you all. xxxxxxx


  7. I’ve had something significant happen to me every day for 6 months: I’ve been inspired by the incredible Humphries Family. You are the definition of strength and love and thank you for sharing this with us all x

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  8. Reading your blog has let me feel part of the journey from a distance. I have visited Sydney twice in the last 6 months and I’ve overcome a bit of a phobia to do two whole blood donation and managed to attempt two plasma donations. One I fainted before I got started and the other I almost finished before dropping my blood pressure to 60/30 and needing my feet up in the air again. Each one has made me think of my incredible nieces and how brave and strong they are and I’m really determined to one day get through a plasma donation without keeling over! Surely it can be done. Love you all, you’re truly amazing, Jen. xxxx

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  9. I have become a Hannah and Ellie addict! I have read your blog daily since the girls arrival and feel like I’ve been on this journey too. I saw tge bews of theur arruval the day Stuart and I were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. I pray by our 11th, Ellie will be well and truly settled at home


  10. Your whole family is an inspiration to me, love your emails, can’t wait every night to read them, lit candles in Notre Dame, Paris for the girls, it will be nice when Ellie comes home and settles into Shire life xoxo


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