Day 186

It was really nice having some Ellie one on one time today. We sat and chatted and listen to music and napped. Until Ellie got too tired because her Mumma can’t keep still and she couldn’t have a decent sleep.

She is still going through periods of working harder with her breathing, they doctors at this stage are just keeping a close eye on it. Ellie’s surgeon is back on Monday so we may be able to get a date for her hernia surgery.

Sundays are pretty quiet for Ellie, hopefully we will get some more news and answers next week.



Ellie and her lovingly made rattle, by one of the nurses.

2 thoughts on “Day 186

  1. Pat on the back for the creative nurse – that “rattle” looks so much more interesting than all those run-of-the-mill, OH&S approved, cutesie-pootsie boring Fisher Price creations!
    Hope the first week of the second half of the girls’ first year (that was complicated!) is full of positive news and a clear vision of the way forward – sensing the frustration with progress at the moment…
    BTW, Ellie is starting to look positively chubba bubba (I wanna pinch those cute cheeks) x

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