Day 187

Ellie had a fantastic sleep last night and she had just woken up when I arrived.


When I came in she was thoroughly enjoying a chat with herself in the mirror. (I still wonder if she thinks Hannah has come to visit). While her stats are not currently great (low haemoglobin count in her blood cells and heavy breathing) she was so interactive and happy today.

It was beautiful  spending this time with her and she was so content and interested in having someone to talk to. While this was great, it also made it clear how much happier she would be at home with her sister and family.

Again nothing eventuated with the medical plan ahead and we continue to watch and discern the best course forward. There are so many people involved in making the big decisions (surgeons, nurses, consultants, fellows as well as Deb and Myself) that it is very slow going. The upside of this is that it gives Ellie every chance to improve on her own and get stronger for whatever challenges lie ahead.


Hey Dad, thanks for visiting. I’m just catching up with my sister atm.


I’m practicing being a superhero for when I grow up, I call this the superman pose.


One thought on “Day 187

  1. I’m strangely torn looking at the beautiful photos of Ellie. It is incredibly cute that she is so obviously fascinated by that baby in the mirror (kittens drive themselves crazy if you put a mirror in front of them, tearing around the back of the mirror to try and catch that pesky cat). It’s also wonderful to see how alert, interested, engaged she is – all good stuff. I guess my sadness, maybe wistfulness, comes with wanting so badly for all of you (especially Ellie) to see her in that same pose on the floor at home, having a go at a crawling race with her sister – or at least a commando crawl! I know that time will come (slow and steady wins the race etc) – I just wish it could be tomorrow. Sorry for the expression of frustration – I’m pretty sure you and Deb know all about frustration, with a capital F!
    Here’s to homeward bound…


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